Restaurant Insurance


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restaurant 1090136 640Owning a restaurant, from a sandwich shop to sit down with table linens, has its own special insurance needs. Florida Insurance Planners and Financial Services has many A+ rated insurance companies that specialize in providing insurance products for the hospitality industry. An insurance program can be tailored to provide the most economical coverage and yet not sacrifice the needed protection.


  • Property coverage for your buildings, your business contents and for the improvements that you have made to rental space
  • Spoilage of perishable food should power be lost or there is an equipment malfunction
  • Equipment breakdown for machinery to included cookers refrigerators and air conditioning
  • Business continuation to provide income should a loss force you to close the business for repairs
  • Workers compensation for your employees to include various dividend and payment options

The term restaurant can mean many very different types of establishments. It includes coffee shops, delicatessens, fast food, casual dining, sports bars and fine dining. Each of these types of establishments has their own unique set of operational peculiarities. The personnel of Florida Insurance Planners has over 100 years of experience in insuring restaurant operations and over 30 years of hands on experience directly in the hospitality industry. We are uniquely equipped to provide an insurance program that is tailored for your business. We understand what you do because we have done it.


Some of the coverage available are as follows              

  • Building and contents up to / $5 million limit
  • Your improvements to the property / $5 million limit
  • Liquor liability / $5 million limit
  • Premises liability to include food and beverage / $5 million limit
  • Injury to patrons / $5 million limit
  • Food spoilage / $1 million limit
  • Damaged to rented premises / $5 million limit
  • Loss of income / Actual loss sustained

Premiums are developed on a square footage basis, or seating capacity or gross receipts whichever is less.


Workers compensation

  • Rate discount up to 405
  • Drug free workplace  included at no charge
  • Loss prevention included at no additional charge
  • Flexible pay plan to include pay as you go
  • We can interface with your payroll company


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